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Musings | Where will my spinning take me?


Like most women my age, which I will actually disclose is 32, I am virtually obsessed with my weight. Not necessarily in a productive way. As in I’m very good at complaining about it but not necessarily about taking action. I’ll own that. It’s always on my mind.

There are the questions. Constant questions. And you know you think them too. Did I eat too much today? Should I eat this now because of what I may have to eat later? Does this have processed sugars in it? What shouldn’t have I eaten today? How does that skinny bitch eat a grilled cheese? If I don’t eat this now can I get out of working out later? Who are these people that can handle 1 cheat day and not get thrown off the wagon?

As I embarked on a new diet and workout routine I’ve realized something. I enjoy spinning because it gives you the illusion of having achieved something and getting somewhere. In my case, I’ve spun my way to China.

My shirt says it all


Anyone who sees me on a daily basis knows I like to break up the stream of empire waist dresses I own with a sassy t-shirt. My other go to look is cropped black jeans and a sassy top. It’s also a good indication of how I started my morning. Either I really woke up on the wrong side of the bed or am expecting the day to be a huge pain in my ass. If that’s the case then it’s best to get bitchy before the day even begins. Normally, I go for shirts with a strong political statement. I am the proud owner of about every HRC t-shirt that exists but when my close friend Katie sent me these t-shirts from Raygun I fell in love. Some of them were completely brilliant but I was afraid some of you might be offended. That would not stop me from rocking them however. 


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