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Souped up gear


Have I mentioned how much I love soup? It’s like the stockpot liquid version of Jackson Pollock. Throw a bunch of healthy stuff in a pot, pour some liquid in, and cook it. It’s absolutely perfect to cook a batch for the weekly lunch (unless you hate leftovers… in which case I feel sorry for your budget). Talk about Save Money Get Skinny too (it gets a hastag now,#SMGS). Nutritious, delicious, and a bang for your buck. Have I sold you yet?

Now, this last particular reason for which I love soup is very New York-centric. It uses minimal dishes/cookware in production and consumption. One cutting board, a stock pot, a ladle, maybe a blender, a container for fridge storage, plus a bowl and spoon to eat and you’re good to go. When you live in ~200 sq feet, these kinds of details matter. Dishwasher? Counter space? Please, in your wildest real estate dreams.

I have lots of soup recipes to pass along, but the latest one that I’m in love with is this creamy cauliflower kale soup (pictured above). I have to preface that although it does not come out looking that smooth or lovely (they must have used collard greens and strained it), it was delicious and easy to pull together.

Here are the key pieces of gear that I’ve found successfully support a soup habit.


Check out all this gear 1. stock pot, 2. hand blender, 3. storage containers and 4. utensil
Top photo courtesy of Marcus Nilsson for Martha Stewart

A souped up fall

We’ve already extolled at length about our love for the changing seasons (full disclosure: we probably won’t stop). If this tree doesn’t substantiate more fall gushing, I don’t know how to save your seasonal soul. I snapped this photo this weekend after a game of tennis at a high school in upstate NY that still had its nets up, probably the last game of the year for me. The tree looks like it’s on fire. Unfortunately, pictures don’t convey smells and temperatures, but I assure you, all was perfect.

There was a chill in the air that day that made me want to make a big batch of soup. I went to my Pinterest for some inspiration and ended up making this delicious tortellini vegetable soup I’d been wanting to try for a while. Now I’m hooked on soup. It’s the liquid version of Jackson Pollock from my Save Money Get Skinny days — put a bunch of healthy things in a pot (not totally willy nilly, there is some consideration) and cook it. Honestly, making soup couldn’t be easier and it’s great for a batch of lunches too. I’m disappointed I’ve let Save Money Get Skinny fall by the wayside, because I do still practice it as much as I can, so I’m bringing it back to the blog with a couple posts in the next few weeks about soups and soupmaking. Get ready – it’s going to be delicious!

Top photo © 2012 A Good Hostess Knows When to Use the F-word
Soup photo and recipe courtesy of Family Fun Magazine

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