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Le Style Möbius

möbius movie poster

April is the month of film festivals in New York, ironically drawing you into movie theaters as the weather improves and the cherry and magnolia trees blossom. I caught a movie Sunday night with friends at the tail end of Tribeca Film Festival. Lucky gal that I am, my job hooked me up with some tickets to a sold-out screening of Möbius, the Franco-Russian spy thriller starring Oscar-winning Jean Dujardin (he does crazy things with his eyebrows… please look at the Google Images results) and the stunning Belgian actress Cécile de France.


The movie is really good and I highly recommend it, but what I couldn’t get over was how stunning Cécile’s character was – the costume stylist was a frickin genius on this movie. She was elegant, sleek, but with a hint of casual confidence. Very Côte d’Azur with all the linen as well. I’ll be taking some cues from her onscreen wardrobe for this summer. I clearly need to head over to Façonnable and get my hands on on a pair of those glorious Garrett Light shades



Patterns to remember


Recently I’ve been faced with so many examples of entrepreneurial women that inspire me to focus on figuring out what I want to do. Not what I think I should do. Should I be trying to climb the ladder or should I be figuring out what I find truly satisfying? Oh life’s questions.

Lilly was one of the lucky few that found her destiny completely by accident while running a juice stand. From there came the beginnings of a fashion icon. It makes me wonder if I’ll ever stumble upon the idea that takes me down a new path… and if I do I hope I am alert enough to recognize it and brave enough to follow it.


The spring coat debacle…


So I embarked on the search for a new spring coat. Not a fleece, cargo jacket or blazer as I have been known to wear in the past but an actual long coat made of appropriately weighted fabric for the season. This goes along with my constant mantra that I need to pick pieces that are slightly formal in order to over compensate for my ability to always look a bit sloppy. I also have started to wear dresses so frequently in warmer weather that pairing that with a long coat seemed more appropriate. What I have come to find is that what I want is mildly cost prohibitive. SHOCKING.


I looked at options at Zara, Uniqlo, and Boden. BORING. While I love things that are a touch old fashioned I don’t want to look like a grandmother. I want something with a touch of flair whether it be a cute color, belt, buttons, or bow. The problem is once I have seen what I want – I can’t shake it. And right now what I want is an investment. What is a girl to do?!


Take your pick… 1. JCrew Trench 2. Vince Camuto Roll Sleeve Jacket 3. JCrew Taffeta Jacket 4. Kate Spade Saturday Modern Trench

Musings | Lamb and youth


As I get older I have come to find that I have to redefine my wardrobe. Passing the age of thirty means finding that balance of still being youthful enough to be found cute and yet professional. Tough to be taken seriously at work with low-riding pants. I have, however, been known to show a bit too much cleave – but once your girls pass a certain size threshold then seriously where are you supposed to put them? I feel when they pass single letters then they have earned the right to just be out. But in all seriousness, one needs to come to terms with finding an actual style for themselves… and it needs to be one that doesn’t center around how many things you aren’t covering. Mrs. Hodge put it best…

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