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A good hostess doesn’t forget those without

We have spent a lot of time speaking about what sorts of gifts to get, what’s in good taste, what’s funny and what’s appropriate but let’s not forget the purpose of Christmas. To think of those not lucky enough to attend our parties. Kidding. But it is the season to think of people other than ourselves. To think about older relatives who are lonely, parents who are empty nesters excited for us all to come home and all our friends that support us throughout the year. More importantly though it is a time to do something for someone that we don’t know. Unsolicited kindness is one thing that is truly in good taste. Hurling loose change at Salvation Army volunteers doesn’t count.

A couple wonderful organizations that could use your help….

Toys for Tots
A classic favorite that I donate to every year without fail. All they are asking for is either a new toy for a child to unwrap or cash donation. Keep in mind shopping for toys is fun.

Christmas Spirit Foundation
The reality is that we live in times where our military is very active and many families bear that burden. Most of us will probably never understand how much that burden affects their holiday season however we can help them. Just a little bit.

The Holiday Project
Christmas isn’t just about children and Santa. It’s also about family and those that may not have the support resources they had before. Reach out and help those older than us as well.

Heifer International
Now I do admit I laugh… a lot… when I receive their catalog on a yearly basis. However, this organization takes a new spin on providing those in need with help. Help they can actually use for a very positive purpose that turns into long term benefits for the family that receive the animals that we pick out.

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