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Attached at the Hip | Cape of Dreams

photo 4

Welcome to the most delayed post vaca post ever. That’s because coming back to real life puts the cray into crazy. But our time spent in Cape Cod was gloriously relaxing and everything we hoped it would be. Life is remarkably less stressful when your primary daily undertakings are making coffee, playing tennis and putting on a bathing suit. Oh and thinking of whether or not you want a scoop vanilla gelato in your iced coffee. Details.


What we learned during this trip:

1. Retirement doesn’t seem like that bad of an idea. In fact, we would be really good at it.
2. Gelato should follow every meal.
3. Freshly made burrata should come before every meal.
4. Wine is really meant to be consumed starting at 2 pm. Maybe 1.
5. iPads should be easier to read when you have to have sunglasses on.
6. We really need to get UV blocking t-shirts to wear while out in the ocean or walking on the beach.

photo 5

Less is more – life is substantially easier when it consists of only 4 outfits: tennis gear, beach gear, post-beach loungewear, and pajamas. And one feels so much healthier when they’re not rushing through their breakfast, taking their time throughout the day, having a chance to exercise everyday. Some people just call that life. Bitches. Why couldn’t we spend our lives just focusing on being healthy? Jealousy.

photo 3

Enjoy all the pics from our trip… check Magdalena’s Instagram


Beach vacations are a gifting goldmine

Vacation destinations in New England – my personal experience being in Portland & Camden, ME, Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard – are some of the best places to get gifts and mine ideas for later on. The shops are niche, fun, well-curated and catering to people with good taste who want to burn some cash. Recipe for good stuff.

This year on vacation in Cape Cod, I stopped by Chadington’s on Commercial St (Provincetown’s main drag) and saw these funny bottle corks made out of old-school, reclaimed porcelain hot and cold faucets. Cute and fun, perfect for a gift.

Now you may ask yourself as we have many times, does someone really need this adorable, kitschy but unnecessary item? Probably not, BUT some of the best gifts are frivolous ones. Do you really want your friends to think of you only in terms of practical gifts? I think that means you might need to loosen up. Or you talk about lack of money too much. Oops!

So there’s our green light on fun, random gifting.

Hot & Cold Wine Corks from Chadington’s on Commercial St. in Provincetown, MA.

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