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High over the soccer stadium

So the vacation bliss continues in one more post. My cousin and his lovely girlfriend took a day off from work to hang out around Warsaw and we had such a good time – I even got to go on a balloon ride! Orange, the cell network, has a balloon on the east side of the Vistula that takes people straight up on a cable (no errant floating) and we got a great vista over downtown (Centrum) and the new Euro 2012 stadium. We’re not soccer gals, but it’s still exciting that it’s happening in Warsaw and we love the tournament’s logo. It’s a nice throwback to Poland and Ukraine’s traditional paper cut-out crafts. Good design and good views make life better. Amen – now go have a thirsty Thursday ­čÖé

Vacation bliss

I’ve been back from my vaca for a week now but have been holding off on doing a recap since that means I have to acknowledge that the trip is over.

Simply put, my vacation in Poland was bliss. It was a family-focused week, spending time with my grandparents who tell amazing stories about their incredible lives, my hip aunt and uncle and super cool cousins. I reserved plenty of time for my yearly walk with my dad through our favorite parts of the city and shockingly went to a museum I’d never been to before (which I didn’t think was possible, since we’ve seen a lot through all our trips over the years). The National Museum (Muzeum Narodowe w Warszawie) is pretty awesome and I discovered a new painter amid all the Matejkos. Anna Bili┼äska-Bohdanowicz‘s portraits were stunning, so I took a moment in the beautiful galleries to take in her work.

Enjoy some photos from my stroll and I put together a Google map of my favorite walk in Warsaw. It starts in Nowe Miasto, goes through Stare Miasto (Old Town), past the University of Warsaw’s gate, the President’s Palace, down sleek Nowy Swiat (stop at the pre-war institution Blikle Cafe and have paczki, cappuccino and a scoop of lavender ice cream). Then keep walking down to ┼üazienki Park and see the palace that’s named after a bathroom (it’s actually the royal baths, duh!) and the gorgeous Chopin monument. Then walk back north into ┼Ür├│dmie┼Ťcie, the city center, and wander through all the pre-war streets to Plac Trzech Krzy┼╝y and continue north to Plac Pi┼ésudskiego and end with a changing of the guard at the National Tomb of the Unknown Soldier as the sun sets. Altogether this walk will probably take more than a whole day, especially if you stop in some of the beautiful cafes and shops along the way. There is so much history everywhere you turn, it’s unbelievable. Leave a comment if you’re visiting Warsaw soon and want more tips – we’re happy to pass on our knowledge. We love this city!

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