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the sisters

Magdalena and Agatha are sassy sisters living in the New York City area. They were raised in the U.S. by Polish parents. They have a crazy family history that influenced them growing up – world travelers, multi-national marriages, grandes dames, exile in Czarist Russia, Francophiles, incredible World War II survival stories… the list goes on. We like to think that our world view and tastes are shaped by all these influences and crazy personalities that live on in us.

We can easily define and describe ourselves in terms of two countries:

Magdalena, a fiery strawberry blonde, is a Turk at heart. She loves the deep, rich colors of the Middle East, the savory, yogurt-based cuisine, and her all-time favorite wine is an Ankara red that she discovered in Istanbul (Kavaklidere Yakut Oküzgözü d’Elazig). She is a believer in the statement, “you are what you eat,” spends quality time at the farmer’s market and takes true pleasure in preparing a meal.

Agatha, a scatterbrained blonde, is a Frenchwoman. The appreciation started with a Francophile aunt, extended with study of the language and after living in Alsace, became a solidified obsession. She loves the classic style and heritage brands of the French, crisp whites, anything with lavender and the wonderfully relaxed sidewalk café culture.

So welcome to our blog — a collection of our ideas for a stylish home and living the good life in minimal square-footage — governed by our love for cultural mishmash and general need for things to be “just so.”

Happy reading to you all, looking forward to the discussions!

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  1. girlyobsessions #

    Two lovely ladies with a blog that reflects your dynamic and totally different, yet somehow the same, personalities 🙂 Looking forward to reading!!

    August 19, 2011

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