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usage of the f-word

As we have gotten older (said as if we were ancient) we have come to find an expectation that classy and sassy are mutually exclusive things never to be brought together. We beg to differ. We feel that while there are plenty of rules to follow in being being classy, sophisticated or proper there are also plenty of fun ways to break those rules and make up your own.

Therefore we would like to share with you our key hostessing points.

1. Hostess with purpose. If you are not going to do something to the full extent then you’re best not doing it at all. Don’t send a poorly written thank you card or a half-ass bouquet. That’s just crass.

2. If something seems too easy then it means it is.

3. Own up to your strengths and weaknesses. There is nothing worse then a hostess that appears to be faking it.

4. Inappropriate language is totally permissible and an effective method of communication. The word fuck is one of the most versatile words in the English language.

Overall we just feel honest conversation is fun conversation. Knowing your guests’ boundaries is different from taboo subjects. How fun would life be without sex, religion, politics, and virtually everything other than the weather?

Just remember nobody likes a hostess without an opinion. That’s just boring.

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